LIVE! in Concert is a new theatrical and high energy show where music literally comes to life on stage. A concert is coming to the city of Metro Forte and are taking song submissions to perform. A music scientist named Lucy Q is very interested in performing, but realizes she is not a musician by trade. So, she conducts an epic experiment to create a song. Accidentally, a malfunction of the music machine births 6 living equipped with stellar musical powers and abilities. Join Ashesha, Eli, Elania, Bobby, Nugget, and Neno, as they take center stage and put on an unforgettable concert, covering some of the greatest urban hits from the past three decades. This new spectacular is a synergy of breathtaking hologram visual effects, puppetry, along with a live band in an EDM style performance. This experience is on mission to help unite a divided world with the one formula that connects us all... MUSIC.

"When I first came up with this show concept, it was back in 2011. Since then, I realized how effective music has been in all of our lives. It flares our emotions, good times, bad times, seasons of growth, times of change, and reminds us of golden times growing up around our friends and family. Music is the strongest language on earth and connects all of us like a pipeline. It's so important that we continue to celebrate this beautiful art, develop it together, and preserve it. LIVE! in Concert is an opportunity for music lovers of all ages to come together, sing together, dance together, laugh together, and show how much the gift of MUSIC impacts us all".

Creator & Founder

UpBeats LIVE!